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May 17, 2005
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Look at it go! I think this one's much harder than the original. S'fun though. Try it.

I'm not giving anybody any hints.

Oh, and if you like this game its official page is at [link]
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Daily Deviation

Given 2005-10-01
What is Hapland 2? A wonderfully stylish, insanely challenging, mind bending way to spend serveral hours of your day. ~kakbarnf Has made a deviation that will keep you entertained for a good while, so long as you don't give up.

And if you liked this one, the original Hapland is in this deviants Gallery, ready to challenge and amuse you. ( Featured by object2bdestroyd )
Enedaraslen Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014
Finally!! I've completed the game :happybounce:  It is VERY difficult.
AsriaLight Featured By Owner May 10, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
STEP 1: Click on the sign with the red dot so that it flips around and shows a green arrow.

STEP 2: Click the hatch next to the sign, and it pops open.

STEP 3: Click the little yellow arrow under the sign. This will make the little stick man move forward. He will fall through the open hatch and land between the two crates.

STEP 4: Click the sign again, so that it goes back to the red spot.

STEP 5: (*NOTE* timing is important) Click on the crate with the yellow tag. A grenade will roll out. The little man will pick it up, and an exclamation point (!) will appear over his head. When that happens, click on the little yellow arrow again. When the little man throws the grenade through the hatch, it will be knocked towards the house and explode, destroying the door and the hanging arrow

STEP 6: Click the pink plank on top of the crate with the yellow tag three times. It will slide off the crate and land at an angle.

STEP 7: Click on the little man and he will climb up the pink plank, down the stairs, and into the house.

STEP 8: At the top left corner, there is something that looks like a little lamp shade, pointing strait down. Click it, and the angle will change.

STEP 9: Click on the nearby box, the one with the red dot, and the light will come on, illuminating a pile of cannonballs.

STEP 10: (*Note* Timing is important) Click on the bird. He will fly down, pick up one of the cannonballs, and keep flying. As he approaches the first cloud, click it. A green gas will distract the bird and he will drop the cannonball onto the electric fence, blowing it up.

STEP 11: (*Note* Timing is important) When the bird returns, click him again. He will pick up a second cannonball and fly with it. This time, click the second cloud as the bird approaches. He will drop the cannonball into the catapult.

STEP 12: Under the ground, there are several switches. Click the one connected to the turbine, which turns on both the underground turbine and the one under the stairs.

STEP 13: Click on the little arrow on the turbine, the one pointing right. Both turbines will begin to spin in that direction.

STEP 14: Click on the stairs, and they will slide to the right.

STEP 15: Click on the doorbell. The little man will come out, climb up the stairs and onto the roof. He will stand next to the lever.

STEP 16: (*Note* Timing is important) Click the left cloud twice, and it will explode. Quickly click on the little man by the lever and he will pull the lever, sending the cannonball flying. The flames from the exploded cloud will set the cannonball on fire, and it will burn through the flag, land on the mine inside the large building and destroy it.

STEP 17: Click on the sign with the red dot to change it back into a green arrow.

STEP 18: Click on the little yellow arrow, and the little man will go back inside the building.

STEP 19: Click on the little man on the top level of the bigger building. He will walk across the platform and fall down to the bottom level.

STEP 20: (*Note* Timing is important) Click on the hatch near the left corner and a little man will pop out, along with a fly. As the fly buzzes around the little man's head, click on the small grey square in the nearby wall. This will suck the fly into the other room, distracting the little man on the middle platform. Quickly click on the little man on the bottom level and he will walk over to the lever.

STEP 21: Click on the little man on the middle level and he will pull the lever, dropping the crate onto the floor. A fish will pop out of the crate and land on the trap door.

STEP 22: Click on the little man on the bottom level and he will pull the lever, opening the trap door and dropping the fish into the water.

STEP 23: Click on the little man in the other room and he will fall all the way to the bottom.

STEP 24: Near the bottom left corner, there is an arrow pointing to the left. Click it, and it will point to the right.

STEP 25: Click the little man above the arrow and he will pull the lever. The water will begin flowing to the right. The fish will get caught on the fisherman's hook.

STEP 26: Click the same little man again and the water will stop flowing.

STEP 27: Click on the fisherman and he will reel in the fish. He will them walk out onto the fishing pole, grab the fish and eat it. Then, he will bounce on the fishing pole until he lands on the top of the bigger building.

STEP 28: As soon as he gets to the top, click him again. He will go into the door and close it behind him. The torch above the door will light, and so will one of the torches underground.

STEP 29: Reverse the turbines by clicking on the left-pointing arrow on the underground turbine.

STEP 30: Click on the stairs, and they will slide back to their original position.

STEP 31: Click on the little man who controls the water again, and the water will begin to flow again.

STEP 32: Click on the window of the smaller house, opening it, and the little man inside will slam it shut. This knocks the green blob onto the ground.

STEP 33: Click on the green glob. It will climb the stairs and devour the first crate. Then, it will jump over the second crate and roll into the water. The current will push the blob over and cause the mine to explode.

STEP 34: Click on the stairs again, and they will slide over to the remaining crate.

STEP 35: (*Note* Timing is important) Click on the doorbell and the little man will come out again. He will walk over and climb the stairs. As soon as he gets to the top of the stairs, click the crate. It will open and the little man will fall in. The crate then opens, and a strange vehicle drives out and into the water. Just when the vehicle hits the bump, click on the spiral pole and it will rise and allow the vehicle to pass. The little man gets off the vehicle and climbs out of the water. He goes through the door and shuts it behind him. The torch above the door lights, and so does the second underground torch.

STEP 36: Click on both of the little boxes below the underground torches, closing the switches. This turns the portal on and ends the game.
Lt-C0l0N3l Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012
I love this game so much.
tails67 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012
It's a nice game, +fav ^^
animeGwen01 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2011
I luv this game!!! :la:
kate256 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011
i can beat the game superfast now :P
kate256 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2011
i beat the game 10 times
calico-bumblbee Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2011   Photographer
i luv it!
but oh so wad, in the first one, i get killed by a black blob with a chain saw thingy, in this one i think i got killed by a shark 0_0
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